Use Cases

Use Cases

Chat-Me-In's features are extremey diverse, and can be tailored to almost any industry. Below are just a few examples of how C-M-I can be useful in both day-to-day and professional lives.

Higher Education

High School and College students are always on the go. Between balancing a busy school life, a social life, and sometimes work, staying organized can be difficult. With Chat-Me-In, students can easily keep track of their daily events through My Day. Create an event, invite friends, and you're done. After that, it is easy to share photos, videos, and chat messages at any time.


For parents who have young, school-aged children, C-M-I has proven to be very beneficial for both parent-teacher relationships as well as parent satisfaction. Teachers, by connecting with parents through our app, can send updates and reminders through either photo messages or chat so that parents feel reassured that their child is safe and healthy.

Real Estate

Chat-Me-In's emphasis on photo/video sharing through events has made it a useful tool for both real estate agents and their clients. Instead of messy text messages with lost dates and times, C-M-I provides a single location for all relevant information to be stored. Once a realtor invites his/her clients to an open house event, all members can share photos/videos as well as communicate in one place.


Whether your pet needs to be groomed, taken in for a check-up, or boarded for the weekend, Chat-Me-In allows owners to communicate with their pets while they are away. Employees can now connect with owners through our app to send them photos and videos of their animals while they are being taken care of.

Sporting Events

As a parent or a player yourself, it can be challenging to remember dates and times of games, practices, and functions. C-M-I allows you to organize all of your events in My Day, so you never have to worry about missing a practice again. Also, for individual sports such as horseback riding, C-M-I can serve as a communicaiton tool between you and your groomer or other help staff.

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