How to use

How to Use

We have combined calendar functionalities with visual and social tools to make your day organized, interactive, and fun at the same time. Download today, invite your friends, and start enjoying the new way to know and share your day.

My Day

Create an event, add your friends, and upload a custom image. Once created, chat amongst attendees and upload images to the event album. If you have existing events on your phone calendar, they will automatically sync to My Day, allowing you to see your whole life in one place.


Your timeline organizes all your past, current, and future events into a monthly view. Tapping on the event takes you back to that day and tapping on the album takes you straight to that event album so you can view and upload photos at any time.


The perfect new visual way to chat. Send a photo, video or custom emoji message to a friend. QWKY’s will appear at the top of My Day, and once they are opened they disappear.

Social Stream

Located at the bottom of My Day, Social Stream is where you can share photos and QWKY emojis with all your friends. View your friends’ Social Streams by tapping on their profile circle when it lights up in green.

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